Rallying with Friends: WrenchWorthy’s Guide to Group Rallies


For car enthusiasts, the allure of group rallies is unparalleled. It’s not just about the drive; it’s a celebration of the automotive community, exploration, and the joy of the open road. As a regular participant in rallies like the annual trek to ADK Eurofest and SkanCares, I’ve come to appreciate the unique blend of excitement and camaraderie these events offer. We host an annual rally for ADK Eurofest, a weekend-long show filled with scenic Adirondack drives and hearty laughs. With SkanCares, we rally through the Finger Lakes to exquisite dinners, driving some of CNY’s finest vehicles, all to benefit charity. It’s an unbelievable experience every time we go out.

The Essence of Road Rallies

Road rallies, especially those involving performance cars, are about the perfect blend of speed, skill, and scenery. One of my favorites is the 5-hour cruise from Syracuse to Lake Placid for ADK Eurofest each year, featuring breathtaking views and exceptional roads. Timing is key to fully enjoying these routes without the hindrance of traffic.

Memorable Rally Moment

During one SkanCares rally, we had an unforgettable moment driving through Watkins Glen during Corvette weekend. Imagine the scene: 15 supercars cruising through town, surprising the crowd amidst a Corvette celebration. The mixture of shock and awe on people’s faces, especially the little kids pointing at our convoy, was priceless and brought great laughter to our group. These are the moments that rally enthusiasts live for.

Rally Dynamics

The structure of a rally can vary. More organized events tend to have a leader, a planned route with stops, a shared Google map, and group text for updates. Less formal rallies might just involve a group exploring backroads and seeing where they end up. Regardless of the format, both types promise great experiences.

Preparing for the Rally

  • Weather Preparedness: Always check the forecast and dress accordingly.
  • Hydration: Keep water or sports drinks handy.
  • Co-Pilot Benefits: Bringing along a co-pilot not only adds to the social aspect but also helps with navigation. Pro tip – If you’re the group leader, bring a co-pilot to make route audibles if needed.
  • Route Planning Tools: Utilize Google Maps and Roadtrippers to find the best routes and roads.
  • Safety Guidelines: Generally follow all laws. Never pass on double yellow lines! Never create an unsafe environment for anyone!
  • Respect and Caution: Respect other drivers, both within your group and on the road. Stay within your comfort level with your car.
  • Stay Alert: Group driving demands high levels of alertness and responsiveness.
  • Walkies: Some groups run walkies; some groups don’t. I always keep one in my glove box just in case.

Enjoying the Rally

  • Capture the Moments: Remember to document your journey with photos and videos. Tag your friends the photos! Some groups will use a common hashtag… #wrenchworthy if all all fails!
  • Post-Rally Tradition: Rallies often conclude with a group dinner, providing a perfect setting for sharing stories and photos.
  • Advice for First-Timers: Stick to the back and enjoy the ride.

Questions for you!!!

  • Have you ever experienced a moment of sheer joy or surprise during a car rally? Share your story in the comments!
  • What’s your dream car for participating in a group rally?
  • For the seasoned rally enthusiasts, what tips or tricks have you learned along the way that you wish you knew when you started?

Joining a Rally

  • Don’t hesitate to join a local meetup. Car rally groups generally welcome new participants.
  • Respect Group Rules: Every group has its norms. Be observant and respectful of these.
  • Safety First: If you’re new, consider staying toward the back of the group to get a feel for the dynamics.


Group rallies are more than just driving events; they’re an opportunity to create lasting memories and forge new friendships. Whether it’s the scenery, the simple pleasure of exploring backroads, or learning more about your car and fellow enthusiasts, these events are a testament to the spirit of motoring.

Ready to feel the adrenaline and camaraderie of a group rally? Join us on our next adventure! Keep an eye on our website for upcoming rally dates and details. Don’t just read about it – be a part of the thrilling world of group rallies. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your fellow car enthusiasts and subscribe to our newsletter for more exciting content!